SA 9Ball - About Us


1.   Introduction
SA 9-Ball is affiliated to the South African Pool Union (SAPU), the South African Confederation of Cue Sports (SACCS), the All Africa Pool Association (AAPA), The World Pool Association (WPA), the World Confederation of Cue Sports (WCBS) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

SA 9-Ball is a state of the art Sports Association with the entire league system to be run and controlled through our contracted web site, employing a World First SMS based score and league management system, hosted on the website

The newly elected committee for 2011 comprises Dino Nair (President) & Grieta Steenkamp (Treasurer & Secretary)

Dino was one of the first players from South Africa to enter the world stage having won the South African and All Africa 9 Ball Pool Championships in 2000 which allowed him to participate in 2 world events. He represented South Africa at the World 9-Ball Pool Championships in Cardiff, Wales in 2001 as well as Africa at the World Games which was held in Akita, Japan also in 2001. Dino relocated to the United Kingdom in 2002 where he plied his trade in the UK playing in a  Professional Pool Tour and was amongst the Top 16 ranked players on the tour for a few years.

Grieta has been around the pool fraternity for more than 10 years, first as a player but more recently as a solid administrator and ambassador to the pool community serving on multiple committees and associations both nationally and internationally. She has efforts behind the scenes in helping coordinate and run events have not gone unnoticed.

2. History of 9 Ball Pool in South Africa
9 Ball Pool was introduced in South Africa in year 2000. The first national tournament was held in Gauteng attracting the top 32 players in the country to compete for a prestigious spot in the World Championships. The All Africa tournament was held in the same year with the winner earning a spot to compete in the World Games which is held every 4 years for those sporting codes looking to gain Olympic status.

The SA and Africa Pool Associations were spear-headed by the late Peter Hawley, who worked tirelessly to help get the sport and players from South Africa recognised internationally. Peter’s efforts to uplift the sport went beyond the boundaries of South Africa and he was elected as the Vice President of the Governing body for Pool globally, The World Pool Association (WPA). Peter sadly passed on in September 2011 which was a massive loss to our sport.

South Africa as a country had sent numerous players to World events and was slowly making massive in roads in reaching higher playing levels but were still finding it ever so difficult to attract the backing of a major financial sponsor.

The National event continued for years to come up until 2009 when the last National event was held. With a lack in sponsorship and players having to pay their own way to travel abroad to compete, eventually lead to the membership within 9 Ball deteriorating as it became too expensive for the players.